Arts Every Day 10X10 Exhibit Partners with UMBC’s “Southern Rites” Exhibit

Arts Every Day is excited to partner with University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture (CADVC) through a generous grant from the Charlesmead Foundation that will connect our 5th Annual 10X10 Exhibit on VOICE and UMBC’s current exhibit- Southern Rites featuring the photographic and filmwork of Gillian Laub. 


The goals of this partnership are to celebrate and elevate voices of Baltimore City students and teachers, engage students in conversation, reflection, & creation inspired by Southern Rites, and connect students to the impactful work of CADVC, UMBC. The project introduces students to the field of museum practice, including curation, exhibition narratives, and design thinking. By exploring the purpose and role of art in our society, students will understand how art creates spaces for discourse and criticism of our current state, our past, and the social dynamics we are striving to build. Curating concerns itself with giving “voice” to artists and their work and this project will provide students with the opportunity to lead in that curatorial process.


The generous support of the Charlesmead Foundation supports the following collaborative projects between Arts Every Day and CADVC, UMBC:

  • 10×10 Exhibit: an open call for Baltimore City student and teacher-created artwork inspired by the theme VOICE 

  • Exhibit Catalog: Creation of a 10×10 Exhibit printed catalog celebrating the 5th anniversary of this unique annual exhibit;

  • Curation Team: The 10×10 Exhibit and catalog will be curated by a team of four high school students in partnership UMBC faculty;

  • Free educator and student access to the film Southern Rites until February 6, 2021.

About Southern Rites Exhibit and Film: American photographer Gillian Laub (b. 1975) has spent the last two decades investigating political conflicts, exploring family relationships, and challenging assumptions about cultural identity. In Southern Rites, Laub engages her skills as a photographer, filmmaker, and visual activist to examine the realities of racism and raise questions that are simultaneously painful and essential to understanding the American consciousness.

View the Exhibit:

Watch the Film: 

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