Meet The Bmore Youth Arts Advocacy Council

Meet The Bmore Youth Arts Advocacy Council-
The Youth Fighting for the Arts in Baltimore City Public Schools

Please join us in welcoming the 2021 Bmore Youth Arts Advocacy Council! The students began meeting this month to start learning the ins and outs of arts education advocacy in City Schools.  The Council will emphasize  the core values of rights, respect & responsibility to animate our mission to create a self-sustaining council of local youth creatives that will promote and support the implementation of the Baltimore City Public Schools Arts Education Strategic Plan adopted in 2018 to comply with Maryland Regulation (COMAR 13A.014.16).

These are just some of the goals the youth council will be working toward during their time on the Council:

  1. Become spokespersons for K-12 equitable access to arts learning and experiences and amplify the benefits of an arts enriched education.
  2. Develop a youth led media awareness campaign to promote equitable access to arts learning and experiences as prioritized by the Council.
  3. Use existing research/data to identify specific school policies, structural and cultural changes that we seek to win from decision makers (e.g., legislators, school boards, principals etc.). 

We are looking forward to learning alongside these young people and hope their experience in this council will prepare them to be strong and effective change-makers within their schools and communities.

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