Arts and Cultural Passport Spotlight: Harry Houdini’s Life and Legacy: A Look Behind the Curtain



“Inescapable: The Life and Legacy of Harry Houdini”, is currently on view at the Jewish Museum of Maryland.  Viewers of this exhibit are treated to an inside look into the life of Erik Weisz, who would later take on the stage name that everyone is familiar with today.  The exhibit highlights the life of a young Hungarian immigrant who learned how to exploit the many technological advances that were happening around him to conduct awe-inspiring performances.  The interactive exhibit provides hands on opportunities for viewers to try their hand at magic down to a disappearing elephant trick!

With the museum offering related curriculum for this show, teachers have a chance to talk about various topics like immigration, science, technology, history, and social studies.   Schools also have the opportunity to have the show’s curator and local magician/performer, David London, come to schools to perform a series of magic tricks while vividly telling the story about Houdini’s life.

The exhibition is on view until January 21st and has various programs and education opportunities available throughout its duration.  Contact the Jewish Museum of Maryland for more information on free opportunities for schools and students.

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