The Maryland Science Center- An Eye and Mind Opener!

By Charyce Burrell

Left: Me outside the Maryland Science Center, Right: Dinosaurs!

While at the Maryland Science Center today, I thought to myself, What if a T-Rex was way bigger than that but no one found it yet and this was just a juvenile? What if all this time, this was just a teen dinosaur while the adults are the big boulders and crushed up rocks today? What if they learned how to adapt and how to properly hide themselves? I was thinking all this because in the Maryland Science Center I saw T-rex fossils. It’s pretty safe to say, the Maryland Science Museum got my gears turning and had me thinking about all the possibilities and mysteries on this planet and beyond.

Cool new exhibit about radio waves, microwaves, and light!

The Science Center was another of Arts Every Day’s stops this summer. We wanted to know what they had to offer schools so we paid a visit with their Education Department who graciously gave us a tour of the exhibits and shared their school programs and activities.

What I immediately noticed was that there were a lot of hands on activities and engaging things for any aged kid to play with and learn about. Each section of the museum touched on different scientific concepts that could engage students at any grade level. We had a lot of fun at the newly designed water table even though it was geared toward younger audiences!

Fund water table that has elements of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor!

It’s free for Maryland schools to visit for field trips! The exhibits include Earth and Nature, Health and the Human Body, Physics and Phenomena, and Space and Aerospace Science. For those looking to take a deeper dive into those topics, the Science Center also offers Enrichment Experiences which are small group programs designed to enhance core exhibits.

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