Windsor Hills Elementary Middle School Students’ Photography Prints for Sale!

Thank you to all who came to see Through Our Eyes:  A Photography Collaboration featuring Devin Allen and Windsor Hills Elementary  Middle School Students. On Wednesday, March 9th, Arts Every Day hosted the first in a series of events celebrating the 10th Anniversary of our organization. With over 150 people attend a multitude of prints sold! In case you missed it, here is a short synopsis.

Between January and March 2016, photographer and activist Devin Allen collaborated with seven middle school students at Windsor Hills Elementary Middle School. During the afternoon sessions, students learned photography techniques and were encouraged to discover and define their own artistic process and perspective. Digital cameras were donated to the library and students could sign them out to photograph in and around their neighborhood. Selected by Devin, the displayed photographs in the exhibit share a glimpse into these students lives from school to home and in between.

Prints of the student’s photographs are for sale until April 15, 2016. All prints will be mailed by USPS by May 1st, 2016. Please see below for available size and student prints. To order, please remember the associated number with the photo(s) you want and fill out this google form.

All profits go to the student photographers.

Every photograph comes in the following print sizes and prices:

Unframed 12 x 16 ($50)

Unframed 8 x 10 ($25)

Unframed 5 x 7 ($15)


1.  Omar Pearce, Untitled 1 (2016)

Ephraim Buckholtz_Untitled1_002

2. Ephraim Buckholtz, Untitled 1 (2016)


3. Amari Weems, Untitled 1 (2016)

Kyla Booker_Untitled1_004

4. Kyla Booker, Untitled 1 (2016)

 Kyla Booker_Untitled2_005

5. Kyla Booker, Untitled 2 (2016)

Rasethamir El_Untitled1_006

6. Rasethamir El, Untitled 1 (2016)


7. Tyriq Hall, Untitled 1 (2016)

Kyla Booker_Untitled3_008

8. Kyla Booker, Untitled 3 (2016)


9. Amari Weems, Untitled 2 (2016)

Ephraim Buckholtz_Untitled2_011

11. Ephraim Buckholtz, Untitled 2 (2016)

Ephraim Buckholtz_Untitled3_012

12. Ephraim Buckholtz, Untitled 3 (2016)


13. Omar Pearce, Untitled 2 (2016)


14. Omar Peace, Untitled 3 (2016)


15. Amari Weems, Untitled 3 (2016)

 Rasethamir El_Untitled2_016

16. Rasethemir El, Untitled 2 (2016)

Charles Lockner_Untitled1_017

17. Charles Lockner, Untitled 1 (2016)


18. Tyriq Hall, Untitled 3 (2016)

Charles Lockner_Untitled2_019

19. Charles Lockner, Untitled 2 (2016)


20. Tyriq Hall, Untitled 2 (2016)


21. Rasethamir El, Untitled 3 (2016)

Charles Lockner_Untitled3_022

22.  Charles Lockner, Untitled 3 (2016)

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