Where the Mountain Meets the Moon at Abbottston ES

Fourth Grade students at Abbottston Elementary School wanted to dive a little deeper into their lessons when reading the book, ‘Where the Mountain Meets the Moon.’  To get them excited and fully engaged in the content, Fourth Grade teacher, Ms. Allen, and Arts Integration Coach, Ms. Abbottston4Wirsching, collaborated on an Arts-Integrated mini festival on October 6, 2015.

The event began in Ms. Allen’s classroom where she and Ms. Wirsching served rice, egg rolls, and tea  to the students and taught them how to use chopsticks. Next, parents and community partners were invited to travel the festival with stAbbottston3udents downstairs. Students were divided into three groups of 8-9 students: Villagers, Royalty, and Mystics (the three types of characters in the book). These groups traveled together to three stations: Theater, Calligraphy, and Chinese Language and Culture. Each group rotated stations after 15 minutes, with 5 minutes for transition time. The Music Room was the Theater, where students transformed into characters from the book. Adults were given a 5-Finger Retell Hand to check off whether the student dramatically portrayed his or her character and incorporated facts about Character, Setting, Problem, Events, and Conclusion. The Art Room was the Calligraphy station, where students showed off Chinese calligraphy skills, painting numbers they had practiced earlier with Ms. Allen. The Art Room also served as the Chinese Language and Culture station, where students learned basic Chinese manners and greeting phrases in Mandarin from Ms. Wirsching and Ms. Miles, the Principal.

It was a wonderful day in Ancient China!



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